#8. Attract domestic semiconductor production to Canada

The severe supply-chain disruptions that stalled auto production around the world in recent years, illustrates the industry’s heavy reliance on computer chips. Recent events also raised flags over the heavy concentration of semiconductor manufacturing in specific parts of the world. In fact, South Korea and Taiwan account for virtually all advanced semiconductor production14 led by major corporate players Samsung and TSMC.15 The United States and China are developing noteworthy plans to expand semiconductor production as a matter of national security. Canada’s microscopic footprint in this growing sector hurts our industrial development ambitions. The federal government would be wise to incubate a domestic semiconductor industry to supply strategic growth sectors. Canada should follow the strategic advice of the Canada Semiconductor Council16 and foster a domestic semiconductor ecosystem around Canada’s domestic EV strategy.

Green circuit board with red, blue and black emphasized text six to 10 times more semiconductor content in an electric vehicle drivetrain compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle drivetrain.

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